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Rental solutions for planned and unscheduled turnarounds

The Problems:

In hydraulic presses, oil can leak and attempt to be cleaned for reuse. There are also issues with leaking heat exchangers and cooling water getting into oil. Water and particles kill hydraulic systems. The oil that has been collected from the leaking manifolds or cylinders usually contains particle contamination. Most damage-causing particles in hydraulic or lubrication systems are smaller than 15µ. Water in hydraulic oil will have multiple negative effects on system components. Rusting tanks, reduced lubrication resulting in accelerated metal surface wear are the most obvious.

Process and quality issues are caused by contamination as well. The jamming of components, dies, molds, and valves result in increased scrapped parts.  Water contributes to chemical breakdown of additives, oxidation, unwanted reactions which can result in the formation of acids, alcohols or sludges.

The Solution:

Your hydraulic presses require oil cleanliness to the OEM specification. We will get particle counts down and remove water from your oils. Oil Filtration Systems has been providing filtration, dehydration, and varnish removal to the automotive, plastic injection molding, and extrusion industries for over 20 years.

Often, the extent of the oil contamination is not known until there is equipment failure. In order to prevent additional failures, improving oil quality is essential. 

From scheduled maintenance or emergency response for an upset condition, Oil Filtration Systems has over 140 systems staged in three locations for the fastest response. We have systems available to remove water, particles, and varnish from your lubrication & hydraulic oils. No matter the viscosity, we have a system to meet your needs. We specialize in the vacuum dehydration, filtration, and varnish removal for oils. 

Oil Filtration Systems offers:

• Quick response for rentals and assistance

• Robust equipment

• Ease of use of the systems

• Equipment that cleans oils & fuels to the OEM specifications

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