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Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Skids

fuel filtration skids

The harmful effects of moisture and particulate contamination in Fuel Oil have been well documented. Oil Filtration Systems® has combined the latest innovations in coalescer technology and pleated microglass filter media in one system to achieve optimal fluid cleanliness in fuel oils.

Utilizing high efficiency coalescer/separator filter elements, these systems are designed to quickly remove large amounts of free water from diesel fuel or other fuel oils, achieving overall water content as low as 8 PPM. At the same time, the high efficiency pleated microglass filter elements are capable of achieving very low particle counts as low as an ISO 15/13/10 Cleanliness Level.

This equipment will ensure that #2 Diesel Fuel meets or exceeds all new stringent Fuel Oil Cleanliness Specifications set by General Electric, Caterpillar, and other OEMs.

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  • Push-Button On-Off Switch with Fully Automatic Water Drain and Sump

  • NEMA 4 Electric Control Panel with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Plugged Filteration Indication, and Automatic System Shut-Down

  • 7-Micron Pre-Filter & 5 Micron Post-Filter Rated Beta(c) =1000 Per ISO 16889

  • Upstream/Downstream Fuel Oil Sample Ports

  • Low Watt-Density Circulation Heater With Digital Temperature Controller


  • #2 Diesel Fuel for use in turbines
    (eg. General Electric TM2500)

  • High Sulphur and Low Sulphur #2
    Diesel Fuel for use in CAT® haul trucks
    and other large mobile equipment

  • Medium Unleaded Gasoline (MUM)

  • Light Fuel Oil (LFO)

  • Naptha

  • Alcohols


  • Inline Digital Moisture Indicator

  • Inline Digital Particle Counter

  • Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) For Class 1, Division 2, Class C&D Hazardous Locations

  • 304SS Or 316SS Material

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC

  • 480V, 3-Phase or 220V, 1-Phase Electrical

  • Coreless Filter Elements

  • Skid Mounted For Permanent Installation or Portable Version With Push-Rail and Oversized Casters

  • Buna or Viton Seals


  • Designed to run continuous in an outdoor environment.

  • Heavy-duty gear pump & electric motor.

  • Virtually no mechanical maintenance.

  • Coalescing technology enables you to remove bulk free water at extremely fast rates - previously this could only be done by centrifuges. Coalescing technology outperforms centrifuges, is simpler to use, costs less to maintain, and is lower in initial purchase price.


  • Flow rates from 1 to 1000 GPM.

  • Rapidly Remove Bulk Free & emulsified water from Fuel Oil, achieving overall water content as low as 8 PPM.

  • Remove particulate down to ISO 15/13/10.

  • Purify to new fuel oil specifications.


  • Compact, one button operation for continuous duty.

  • No adjustments are needed.


  • Lower Cost Than Competitive Systems and/or Centrifuges

  • Simple and Reliable Operation Requiring Virtually No Maintenance

  • Highest Water Extraction Rates Available in the Industry

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