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Bearing Lube Oil Systems

To help ensure long-term reliability and cost-effective operation of large rotating equipment, we design and build custom Bearing Lube Oil Systems in a wide variety of sizes and configurations which supply clean filtered lube oil to bearings at the proper flow rate, pressure, and temperature.


Old and antiquated Bearing Lube Oil Systems often need to be replaced with newer technology equipment for optimal performance, and complete engineered systems typically include the following:


  • High Pressure Pump/Motors to Deliver Oil to Bearings at Specified Flow Rate

  • Low Pressure Pump/Motors to Deliver Oil to Bearings at Specified Flow Rates

  • Lube Oil Reservoir with Level Sight Glass, Desiccant Air Breather, and Clean-Out Ports

  • Immersion Oil Heater with Digital Temperature Controller

  • High Efficiency Filtration to Maintain Very Low Particle Counts in the Oil

  • Oil Cooler (Water or Air) to Maintain Optimal Oil Temperature

  • Electric Control Panel with Remote Monitoring Capabilities


We work with customers to create custom designs that meet exact requirements and specifications, including special sizes and configurations for space constraints.


These systems are designed to:


  • Reduce mechanical wear and failure

  • Extend the life of bearings

  • Extend the life of lube oil

  • Minimize down-time


We utilize High Efficiency Pleated Microglass Filter Elements rated Beta>1000 per ISO 16689 to consistently and reliably maintain very low particle counts in the lube oil (ISO 18/16/13 or better).

bearing lube oil system
bearing lube oil skid
spin-on- replacement filter elements
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