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Hand Held Filtration Systems

hand held filtration systems

Our “Hand-Held Filtration System” is lightweight and compact, ideal for use in applications with tight space constraints or when the filtration system needs to be carried upstairs.


Plus, the base of this system is specially designed for a stable fit on top of a 55-gallon drum, so it can be used very effectively as a “Drum-Topper” for recirculation and/or dispensing new oil.

OFS maintains several Hand Held Filtration Systems in a RENTAL FLEET that is ready for immediate deployment anywhere in the world, with process flow rates ranging from 0.5 GPM to 5 GPM.



  • Light Weight and Portable With Durable Welded Steel Frame

  • Special Base With Legs For Use As A “Drum Topper” With 55-Gallon Drums

  • Optimal Filtration Performance Using High Efficiency Pleated Microglass Spin-On Filter Elements Rated Beta>2000 per ISO 16889

  • Pump Protection Using a Y-Strainer

  • Visual Differential Pressure Indicators For Necessary Filter Element
    Change Out

  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump

  • Over Pressure Protection with Adjustable Relief Valve

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Electric Motor

  • Reverse Flow Prevented by Check Valve on Discharge

  • Available In 1 GPM – 3 GPM Flow Rates

  • 120V / 60 Hz


  • Confined Space Locations Where A Conventional Filter Cart Cannot Be Used

  • Kidney-Loop Filtration or New Fill From 55-Gallon Drums (Configured As A “Drum Topper”)

  • Kidney-Loop Filtration of Small Reservoirs

  • Wide Range of Oil Viscosities (ISO VG 32 – ISO VG 680)


  • Fast and Simple Filter Element Change-Out With Minimal
    Spillage and Without Special Tools

  • Unmatched Filter Efficiency For Optimal Single Pass Filtration

  • Electrostatic Reduction Technology On 4-Micron Filter Elements
    to Prevent Damage From Electrostatic Discharge

  • Viton Seals Provide Dependable Sealing and Maximum Fluid Compatibility

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spin on replacement filter elements
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