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Premature Failure of a Diesel Fuel Additive Pump

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Recently, there was a mine in Southern California that experienced premature failure of their diesel fuel additive pump.

The Oil Filtration Systems Solution - Filtration of new fuel additives from truck offloading into point of use storage tanks. Filters are installed in line with fuel additive metering pump. (2) 10-micron filters and OFS housings were installed after the spill containment infill boxes and then the fluid driven additive injectors meter in TPx HD in a 1:2000 ratio to the main fuel tank. Filters protect the non-air, non-electric pumps valued at $7500 each. This fuel additive helps the mine reduce fuel consumption by 5% and extends fuel injector life. #oil#filtration#dieselfuel#mine#filters

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