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Custom Diesel Fuel & Hydraulic Oil storage & dispensing systems shipped to large defense contractor

A large defense contractor needed multiple Diesel Fuel and Hydraulic Oil storage and dispensing systems for use at their facility. For optimal reliability in their hydraulic systems and large diesel generators, the Diesel Fuel and Hydraulic Oil also needed to be filtered to the “nth” degree, meeting or exceeding very tight OEM cleanliness specifications.

As they have done in the past, this large defense contractor turned to Oil Filtration Systems® for (10) custom designed systems. This type of oil and fuel purification equipment is right in our wheelhouse, and they just shipped last week after the 3rd party inspectors gave us the green light!

Great work to everyone here at OFS – this was a big job, and we pulled it off flawlessly! #hydraulicoil#dieselfuel#defence#contractor#oilfiltration#reliability#reliablesolutions#dieselgenerators#purification

Custom options are always available! For technical support, custom applications and design versatility, contact us at (830) 816-3332 or at

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