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Removing large quantities of water & particles on gearboxes at a paper mill in Virginia

We have supplied five (5) vacuum dehydrators & two (2) filtration skids to a paper mill in Virginia. Our Senior Manager of the Purity Products Group was on site, providing training for several new hires at the plant. We conducted scheduled PM on their OFS vacuum dehydrators.

Below is one of the 5 GPM units. Pulper screen contamination causes overflows that contaminate the primary gearbox oil. Our dehydrators are on the pulper gearboxes, removing large quantities of water & particles. OFS dehydrators are also installed on paper machines, purifying both the wet & dry end roller bearing lube oils.

The paper making process is a wet, dirty process that contaminates lubrication & hydraulic oils. OFS equipment provides clean dry oil throughout the plant.

We provide solutions & assistance with equipment for sale, rental, and rebuilds. We will rebuild & update your old vacuum dehydrator; it does not matter the make or model.

Contact us today for more information!,

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