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Remote System Monitoring & Purification of Lubrication Oil Reservoirs

Stop by booth 427 at the 2022 STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition!

We will be ready to discuss all your oil purification and filtration application needs.

Check out Senior Manager – Purity Products Group, Tom Lisy, delivering his session on Remote System Monitoring & Purification of Lubrication Oil Reservoirs.

Hydraulic and lubrication oils become contaminated with solids and water through normal use, so as part of their reliability program, plant personnel usually pull samples periodically and send them to a laboratory for analysis. Although the reports are usually accurate, it often takes at least several days to get them back from a laboratory, and this delay can slow down the response time to critical contamination levels and contribute to system degradation.

Utilizing sensors and a PLC, the oil condition in critical hydraulic and lubrication oil systems can be continuously monitored in-situ, and when contamination levels above set parameters are detected, a filtration/dehydration system can come on automatically. Then, when contamination levels are reduced to pre-set parameters (particulate and water), the system automatically shuts off. This feature and technology is particularly useful in remote facilities where operators are not frequently available.

Vacuum dehydration & barrier filters are used to purify oils and extend their useful life.

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