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Particulate Contamination in Multiple Hydraulic Press Reservoirs

Check out our recent case study from a Plastic Injection Molding facility in the Midwest US. This plant manufactures bathmats and large heavy duty trash cans utilizing large hydraulic presses (12 presses total).


Particulate contamination within multiple elevated Hydraulic Press Reservoirs ranging from 500- 1800 gallons were risking critical component damage. There was no oil analysis performed within their PM process. They were constantly replacing oil monthly to each press. An initial test showed high particulate within Hydraulic Press reservoirs showing ISO 25/22/19. This facility needed 18/15/13 for approved spec operations.


Oil Filtration Systems was able to provide an 80 GPM Filter skid that was readily available within the Strongsville, OH rental depot for dispatch. This unit was able to reduce contamination level below OEM cleanliness requirement down to 17/15/12.


• No operational down time required to process dirty oil.

• Protected critical components, extending their service life and life of hydraulic oil

• No new hydraulic oil required

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