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FOLLOW UP! Customer had another inquiry for a 400 GPM High Flow Flushing Skid rental unit

This system is suitable for use with a wide variety of hydraulic and lubrication oils, and it is equipped with a centrifugal pump (4x3) coupled to a 50 HP TEFC electric motor sized to achieve full flow rate at 85 PSI. It is also equipped with a NEMA 4 electric control panel and Variable Frequency Drive, which enables the operator to dial in the required flow rate ranging from 100 GPM to 400 GPM. The system is equipped with a multi-element filter housing that holds (4) high-efficiency 5-Micron pleated microglass filter elements rated Beta(c)>1000 per ISO 16889, meaning that 99.9% of all particles 5-Micron and larger will be removed in multi-pass. These filter elements will enable you to quickly and reliably achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed an ISO 16/14/11 Cleanliness Level.

We feature quick response time with same-day shipment and hot-shot delivery as well as experienced technical support for equipment selection and start-up (if necessary) to ensure optimal performance and results.

Serving North America from 3 locations:

- Boerne, Texas

- Strongsville, Ohio

- Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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