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Field Services - High Velocity Oil Flushing

Weather conditions throughout the country have been brutally cold so far in 2024, but that hasn’t kept our field service crews and equipment from performing High Velocity Oil Flushing on critical lube oil systems. We can’t wait for springtime and warmer weather!

For more information on field services, click here.

DID YOU KNOW? We Can Help:

• Extend The Life of Rotating Equipment

• Minimize Premature Failure of Critical Components

• Reduce Emergency Outages and Downtime

• Maximize Equipment Reliability

• Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs

Oil Filtration Systems® has factory-trained and experienced personnel who will meet with your maintenance staff to conduct a pre-flush walk-down of all piping, and develop a complete and customized flush plan and procedure specific to your job.

OFS performs a variety of Field Services related to hydraulic, lubrication, and fuel oil cleanliness. With (3) equipment depots in North America (Texas, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada) along with several crews of highly trained and experienced Field Service Technicians, we can quickly mobilize both equipment and manpower to customer jobsites around the country.

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