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Perform Required Maintenance On Lube Oil Systems Quickly & Efficiently To Reduce Downtime

Turnarounds are often the perfect time to perform much needed maintenance on the lube oil systems of critical hydraulic and rotating equipment.

While systems are scheduled to be down and offline for several days, hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs can be drained, and experienced crews can then perform confined space entry tank clean-outs. At the same time, the oil can be thoroughly filtered to remove all particulate and moisture contamination, using High Flow Filter Skids and/or Vacuum Dehydrators. Afterwards, clean and dry oil that meets strict OEM cleanliness specifications can be pumped back into a clean reservoir.

We have the largest, newest, and best maintained fleet of rental Oil Purification Equipment in stock for scheduled and emergency needs.

  • Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (VDOPS) for water removal

  • Varnish Removal Systems (VRS) for varnish removal

  • Filter Skids and Filter Carts for particulate removal

  • High Velocity Oil Flushing Equipment

  • Fuel Coalescers

We feature:

  • Quick response time with same-day shipment and hot-shot delivery

  • Experienced technical support for equipment selection and start-up (if necessary) to ensure optimal performance and results

  • Serving North America from 3 locations: Boerne, Texas / Strongsville, Ohio / Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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