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OFS rebuilds / updates other manufacturers Vacuum Dehydrators to meet our high specs

It's #FunFactFriday here at Oil Filtration Systems! DID YOU KNOW? Not only do we manufacture units that are easy to use and set the standard for reliability, but we also rebuild and upgrade other manufacturers units to meet these same specifications.

Items like replacing the electronic control panels from old relay style controls to newer PLC controls to allow for easier troubleshooting as well as adding redundant safety features and variable frequency drives for better safer operation. We replace old liquid ring vacuum pumps which require water to operate as well as rotary vane vacuum pumps which are much more maintenance and breakdown prone, to claw-style vacuum pumps which require much less maintenance and are better equipped to handle dirtier wetter applications. In addition, we replace old style process heater elements with dilapidated or insufficient heat shielding to low watt density heaters which give a better delta T and reduce the chance of coking of the oil.

Last but not least, we replace the existing coalescer elements in the vacuum chamber with maintenance free PDM elements that never need to be changed out. In some cases, we replace the vacuum chamber entirely to the Oil Filtration Systems vacuum chamber, which gives better visibility and surface area. #maintenance#oil#water#safety#reliability

For more information, view the video below or visit

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