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High Bearing Temps on Gas Turbine Compressor Due to Elevated Varnish Levels


A midstream oil & gas compression station in West Texas was having issues with high bearing temperatures on the gas turbine compressor due to elevated varnish levels in the lube oil. Fortunately for them, the customer reacted quickly once they got indication of the high MPC numbers.


A Varnish Removal System (VRS) enabled the company to effectively remove varnish from their lube oil, improving overall equipment reliability and saving money. Utilizing the two leading technologies for varnish mitigation (granular adsorbent media and depth media filters), the VRS provides versatility and performance unmatched by any other system on the market today.

The Oil Filtration Systems Vanish Removal System has reduced their MPC numbers, thereby reducing the likelihood of high bearing temps and ongoing fluid breakdown.


• Before use of VRS, high MPC numbers (38), indicating high varnish levels.

• After use of VRS, MPC reduced to 7

• There are now five Varnish Removal Systems installed at this facility to resolve varnish issues

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