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Remote System Monitoring & Purification of Lubrication Oil Reservoirs

It's #WebinarWednesday! We are excited to announced our session on Remote System Monitoring & Purification of Lubrication Oil Reservoirs presented by Senior Manager of the Purity Products Group, Tom Lisy. We would like to invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 22nd @ 11am EDT. You don't want to miss this webinar! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER -

Hydraulic and lubrication oils become contaminated with solids and water through normal use, so as part of their reliability program, plant personnel usually pull samples periodically and send them to a laboratory for analysis. Although the reports are usually accurate, it often takes at least several days to get them back from a laboratory, and this delay can slow down the response time to critical contamination levels and contribute to system degradation.

Utilizing sensors and a PLC, the oil condition in critical hydraulic and lubrication oil systems can be continuously monitored in-situ, and when contamination levels above set parameters are detected, a filtration/dehydration system can come on automatically. Then, when contamination levels are reduced to pre-set parameters (particulate and water), the system automatically shuts off. This feature and technology is particularly useful in remote facilities where operators are not frequently available.

Vacuum dehydration & barrier filters are used to purify oils and extend their useful life. #webinar#technology#water#oil#lubricationoil#reliability#reliablesolutions#filtration

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