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Reclaiming used hydraulic oil to meet or exceed brand new oil cleanliness specifications

A large plastic injection molding facility in the Midwest needed assistance in cleaning up their press oil for reuse. Oil Filtration Systems vacuum dehydration and filtration is the key to purifying hydraulic oil for reuse. This is a complete system that will take oil from ISO counts > 22/21/20 with water >2,000 ppm down to 16/14/12 with water <200 ppm.

#FunFact - the contaminants to be removed are largely water and fiberglass dust, because although the Lube Room with process tanks looks pretty clean in this photo, the large room with presses where the plastic injection molding happens is quite dirty!

We were on site to assist in the layout & installation of the equipment. Oil Filtration Systems provide complete & sustainable solutions to our customers. Visit to learn more about our solutions. #hydraulics#plasticinjectionmolding#relaibility#sustainable#water#oil#solutions

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