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Oil Filtration Systems® expands Rental Fleet

DID YOU KNOW? The Oil Filtration Systems® expanded Rental Fleet is always maintained to the highest quality for your oil and fuel purification needs!

- Over 75 Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (VDOPS)

- Over 45 High Flow Flushing Skids

- Over 40 Varnish Removal Systems, Filter Carts and Heater Skids

- Over 50 Oil and Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Housings

With 3 depots strategically located in North America (Boerne, Texas, Strongsville, Ohio, and Cambridge, Ontario, Canada), we can provide fast, cost-effective oil and fuel filtration and dehydration equipment when you need it.

Active maintenance and quality assurance checks are completed

on each unit to ensure reliability and optimal performance to guarantee performance when you need it. Each unit is restored to clean and like new condition before on-site delivery. #quality#maintenance#oil#qualityassurance#filtration#rentals#reliability

Visit for more information on our rental solutions.

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