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High Velocity Oil Flush - contractor in Midwest US

Our Field Services team was called our to perform a High Velocity Oil Flush for a contractor in the Midwest US. High Velocity Oil Flushing is an essential process to ensure optimal reliability of critical components within the lube oil systems of rotating equipment and hydraulic systems.

Welding slag, dirt, debris, and water often contaminate the inside of the tubing and piping of critical hydraulic oil, lube oil, and fuel oil systems. OFS utilizes state-of-the-art high flow flushing equipment to achieve “turbulent flow” and a Reynolds Number of >4000 to effectively “flush” all contamination out of the piping, meeting or exceeding stringent cleanliness specifications established by leading OEMs (including GE, Solar, Caterpillar, etc.) #oil#service#reliability#filtration#fieldservice

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