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Fuel Flushing equipment to achieve “turbulent flow”

It is very important to make sure that all piping and supply lines within critical fuel systems are free of moisture, particulate contamination, and debris. For the exact same reasons that pre-commissioning and periodic maintenance flushing is necessary for hydraulic and lube oil system, it is also necessary for fuel systems in stand-by diesel generators and large diesel driven engines.

OFS has specialized Fuel Flushing equipment to achieve “turbulent flow” through a wide range of fuel piping sizes, along with high efficiency filter elements designed to remove both particulate and moisture contamination to meet or exceed very stringent OEM cleanliness levels.

Our Field Service Technicians all have extensive safety training and years of experience working with diesel fuel systems at Hospitals, Data Centers, and Fuel Farms within the Mining and Power Generation industries. Visit for more information on our Field Services Division. #fuel#filtration#safety#oil#maintenance#powergeneration#mining#data#hospitals#oilgas#solutionsprovider#reliability

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