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Fuel Filtration & Coalescing Services

Whether you have a Standby Diesel Generator with 500-gallons of dirty, wet diesel fuel, or you have a large 100,000 gallon Bulk Fuel Tank with biological growth in it, OFS has the equipment and manpower needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

With a large fleet of specialized fuel filtration and coalescing equipment staged at 3 locations in North America, we can provide cost-effective solutions for all your fuel cleanliness needs.

- Filter Carts & Coalescers For Small Fuel Tanks With High Particle Counts & Moisture Content

- High Flow Filter Skids & Coalescers For Large Fuel Tanks With High Particle Counts & Moisture Content

OFS has experienced and highly trained Field Service Technicians who have been performing Turn-Key Fuel Filtration & Coalescing services at customers’ facilities for over 20 years. Our experienced Field Service Technicians have all undergone rigorous safety training, and they all carry required safety credentials:

- OSHA Basic Plus Certification

- MSHA Certification

- DISA Background, Drug & Alcohol Testing

- Confined Space Entry (CSE) Certification


For all of our services, we bring a Laser Particle Counter and Portable Fluid Analysis Kit onsite to analyze oil samples and document our performance (achievement of specified ISO cleanliness levels and moisture content).

We respond quickly to emergency outages and situations – call us 24/7 at (830) 816-3332. #oil#safety#filtration#filtrationsolutions

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