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Automotive parts manufacturer in MI had a 850 gallon hydraulic reservoir contaminated with water

We were able to get a rental Vacuum Dehydrator delivered within 24 hours in order to allow a plastic injection molding plant to keep their large press operating. An automotive parts manufacturer in Michigan had a 850 gallon hydraulic reservoir contaminated with water. Seal wear at the spindle allowed the water to migrate. The hydraulic oil was milky and needed to be purified or replaced. Not wanting to shut the press down, they rented an Oil Filtration Systems Vacuum Dehydrator. The OFS dehydrator removes water faster than their leaking seal. The press has continued to operate and the oil quality has only improved with the OFS system recirculating the reservoir. The plant will keep the OFS dehydrator installed for the next 3 weeks, allowing them to schedule downtime in order to repair the seal.

STOP throwing away perfectly good oil due to particulate, water, & varnish contamination. Our systems can efficiently remove these contaminants and therefore provide our customers with a cost-effective solution. Check out rental solutions at

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