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13+ year old VDOPS demonstrates reliability & efficiency

While walking down several hydroelectric dams for the US Army Corps of Engineers, our Senior Manager of the Purity Products Group spoke with the Maintenance Manager where this OFS vacuum dehydrator has been working since 2008. The Maintenance Manager said, “the OFS unit works like a dream… We haven’t had any major issues… It just keeps stripping out water.”

Back in 2008, this OFS dehydrator/filter replaced a centrifuge. Not only does this VDOPS remove free, entrained, and emulsified water, but it filters out solid particles as well. This system provides clean, dry oil to critical bearings. As this 13+ year old unit demonstrates, Oil Filtration Systems vacuum dehydrators are built to last. #oil#maintenance#hydropower#hydrogenenergy#lubricationreliability#sustainability#usace#oilfiltration#engineers#water

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