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"We are experiencing some issues with water in our turbine oil" - Maint. Mgr, Energy Facility (US)

A question came in from our Contact Us page from the Maintenance Manager at an Energy Facility in the Midwest United States. He received our information from a colleague at a sister plant that has used our rental equipment in the past.

According to the maintenance manager, "We are experiencing some issues with water in our turbine oil, we think we have located the source as a steam seal leaking. We currently have the steam system OOS and are using our in-house dehydrator to clean the oil. Once we have the PPM to a level we can start we will proceed with start up, with the hopes the seal will quit leaking. If it does not, we will probably need a larger dehydrator to keep the unit on line." Their current in-house unit is 30GPM.

Our solution was a rental of a 50GPM Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (VDOPS) for water removal. Here at Oil Filtration Systems, we offer quick response time with same-day shipment and hot-shot delivery as well as the experienced technical support for equipment selection and start-up (if necessary) to ensure optimal performance and results. We operate the largest, newest, and best maintained fleet of highly advanced oil and fuel purification rental equipment in the industry.

STOP throwing away perfectly good oil due to particulate, water, & varnish contamination. Our systems can efficiently remove these contaminants and therefore provide the customer with a cost-effective solution.

Visit the rental equipment page at or email us at for more information on all our units.

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