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Oil analysis - aluminum extruding presses

We went onsite to an Aluminum Extruding company to take another round of oil samples from Press 1 and Press 2 in their facility. By utilizing the filtration skid (see below) on each press reservoir, they have drastically reduced the particulate concerns to extend the oil life and protect critical components during operations. The initial dirty sample from January had particle counts as high as 20/19/15. It is now reading 17/16/12, which is well below the required cleanliness spec for operations.

Our highly trained and qualified Field Services Technicians can pull fluid samples onsite and analyze them using a Portable Fluid Analysis Kit (Patch-Test Method) and/or a Laser Particle Counter to accurately determine the ISO/NAS cleanliness levels and the amount of water contamination – results can be determined in as little as 5-minutes.

We can also send samples to an outside lab for more in-depth analysis and 3rd party verification. Lab results can usually be obtained within 24-hours, and the data will indicate any important red flags that might need to be considered (such as viscosity, ISO cleanliness code, water contamination, and overall fluid condition).

Our Field Service Technicians can help you establish and implement your own fluid analysis program, identifying the best sampling locations and proper techniques, the frequency of samples taken, as well as which tests are most important for your specific applications.

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