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Maximize the profitability of your on-site filtration systems with Oil Filtration Systems

We have one of our 50 GPM Vacuum Dehydrator and Filtration Systems installed on ISO 460 lube oil at a Steel Mill in Kentucky. FUN FACT: this OFS dehydrator/filter system has been in operation since 2007!

The steel mill cannot operate the hot strip mill without the OFS dehydrator. The Facility Engineer at the plant wanted to ensure another 15+ years of use from this unit. In order to do so, this system will be sent back to our facility for rebuild. We will then supply the mill with a 50 GPM rental unit to keep them up and running while we update the current unit.

When Oil Filtration Systems rebuilds a system, the rebuilt unit is restored to like new condition & comes with a 1-year factory warranty. Head on over to to learn more on our upgrades & refurbishing capabilities.

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