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High Pressure Filter Skid saves injection molding plant $1M in lost revenue

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Problem: An automotive plant in South Texas makes truck bed liners. The liner’s come in two pieces: the liner for the entire truck bed and the tailgate liner. At this injection molding plant, there are large presses that create the shapes for the bed liners.

The “Fagor” press, which molds the tailgates, had a catastrophic failure. Two out of three pumps for the hydraulic system failed as well as the filters. This failure sent metal throughout the hydraulic system. Having this press down cost the customer $1,000,000.00 in lost revenue per day. The customer replaced the pumps and motors but needed a solution to remove the metal out of their system with minimal to no downtime. The reservoir is 1,700 gallons total but currently holding roughly 1,100 gallons of Chevron Rand 46 HD.

Solution: A 60 GPM Variable Flow Filter Skid with 36kW Heater was hooked to the system in order to Kidney loop the reservoir. The initial oil sample results were 22/21/20. Once a few adjustments were made, the count improved to 16/15/13. The customer made a filter changeout and that brought the particle count down to 14/13/10.

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