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20 GPM Vacuum Dehydration headed to the NWR Sturgeon Refinery

Our friends up at Enervac shipped out a 20 GPM VDOPS to the NWR Sturgeon Refinery in Edmonton. They handled the CSA electrical inspection for use in the Canadian market of this Oil Filtration Systems® unit. #refinery#oil#vdops#dehydration#purification#csa

We operate the largest, newest, and best maintained fleet of highly advanced oil and fuel purification rental equipment in the industry!

We have the largest, newest, and best maintained fleet of rental Oil Purification Equipment in stock for scheduled and emergency needs:

- Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification Systems (VDOPS) for water removal

- Varnish Removal Systems (VRS) for varnish removal

- Filter Skids and Filter Carts for particulate removal

- High Velocity Oil Flushing Equipment

- Fuel Coalescers

We also have systems for:

- Transformer Oil Purification

- SF6 Gas Servicing

We feature: Quick response time with same-day shipment and hot-shot delivery as well as experienced technical support for equipment selection and start-up (if necessary) to ensure optimal performance and results.

Serving North America from 3 locations:

- Boerne, Texas

- Strongsville, Ohio

- Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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