We manufacture oil and fuel purification equipment providing innovative filtration solutions and services for demanding applications on a global scale.

Manufactured Equipment

We have manpower and equipment to perform turnkey oil and fuel reclamation services anywhere in the world.

We can circulate or kidney-loop filter a reservoir of oil or fuel using the appropriate system to remove particulate and/or water contamination from:

  • Turbine lube oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Gear oil
  • Fyrquel EHC fluid
  • Diesel fuel

Quickly achieve very low particle counts to meet or exceed an ISO 14/12/9 cleanliness levels.

  • Quickly reduce overall water content as low as 20 PPM
  • We have qualified, experienced technicians (MSHA Certified)
  • We have a top quality fleet of filtration systems, vacuum dehydrators, and fuel coalescers
  • We have portable fluid analysis equipment to verify performance and formal written reports to document results