BioKem Oil Services and OFS meeting the “Gold Standard” for oil filtration

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    We have found that the large standard 840X filter elements on the VDOPS to have the best filtration capability of any filters we have used.

    By example, we conducted a pre-commissioning hot oil flush on a Solar Gas Turbine/Compressor package using OFS rental equipment. We achieved a laser particle count code of better than ISO 4406 9/8/7 (less than NAS 1), which is extremely clean oil!

    We also achieved this outcome on a purification job with an oil volume of 13,500 liters.

    In Summary

    Biokem’s success with the OFS rental equipment led us to requesting a Distribution agreement to represent the OFS brand in Australia. We use the equipment ourselves in a service role and the results we achieve are significantly better than industry benchmarks.  We consider that the OFS product meets the “Gold Standard” for oil filtration today and I am happy to be contacted to discuss further or provide a reference.

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